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Melissa Schneider, LCSW

Decoding Great Relationships

Hi.  My name is Melissa and I'm a licensed counselor and couples therapist.  I provide practical, research-based coaching to couples and individuals facing all kinds of relationship challenges.  After getting my masters in Clinical Social Work at Columbia University (2006), I pursued further training in the Gottman Method, a widely respected research-based approach to strengthening relationships.  Some very smart people have spent decades studying what makes relationships succeed.  I can introduce you to the tools, strategies, and mindsets you can use to heal, gain clarity, make decisions, and grow a great relationship.  My office is in downtown Jersey City and I offer both in-person and virtual sessions.  I am also available to speak at conferences, workshops, or retreats.  Get in touch today to request a free consultation.


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My Services

For Couples

So you love each other and you want to make this work.  We’ll start by assessing your relationship in the top areas that predict long-term relationship success.  Based on your needs, I'll introduce strategies you can use to gain clarity, manage conflict, and feel closer.  We can work together virtually or in-person.  I offer 90-minute sessions for couples, which research indicates are most effective, but 45-minute sessions are available too.  I am in-network with Aetna, out of network with all other plans, but can help you navigate your out of network benefits.  You can also utilize FSA, HSA, or out-of-network benefits that might defray the cost.

For Individuals

You're ready to get smart about your heart, so let's get started.  Whether you’re single, going through a divorce or breakup, or trying to survive modern dating, we’ll clarify what you want out of love and devise a strategy to get there.  I can coach you through the process of finding, building, or repairing a great relationship.  I offer virtual and in-person sessions, I am in-network with Aetna, and for out-of-network clients, my private fee is $125/45 min session.  I can help you use FSA, HSA, or out-of-network benefits to defray the cost.

For Groups

I am an experienced and engaging speaker focused on sharing the science of great relationships.  I have given talks on relationship trends at Oxford University, Carnegie Mellon University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the Asian American Bar Association, done on-camera interviews with Business Insider, and spoken on-air with the Freakonomics podcast.  I've also led workshops with everyone from Wall St bankers to community organizations and church groups.  Tell me your vision for the event you’re planning, I'll share the content or approach I think might work, and we can decide if I’d be a good fit.

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