LuvWise is here to help you make better decisions about dating and relationships. It’s normal to wonder how your relationship is doing or where it’s going, but where can you turn for objective, personal answers?  Friends and family know you too well to be objective.  Self-help books or Dr. Phil may dish up general wisdom, but...it's not exactly personal.

We think you deserve both.  Here at LuvWise, we've combed through decades of research to pinpoint the top studies that really zero in on what matters most for happy, healthy, lasting relationships.  We've distilled this wisdom into a do-it-yourself relationship site that is personal, objective, and scientifically legit. We're putting the best of relationship psychology straight into your hands.  

Smart people have been studying dating and breaking up for decades.  Every month, they publish their findings in dusty academic journals, sharing their pearls of wisdom for anybody to read.  But very few of us have the energy to wade through it all, so the secrets of relationship success and failure have remained enshrouded in mystery

…until now. 

Created by a Dating and Relationships Counselor, her entrepreneurial husband, and a team of super-star relationship researchers, LuvWise is here to help you apply the best insights we have to your actual relationship experiences.  

It's objective, it's personal, it's scientific.  We hope you like it.  

And if you ever need more ideas, suggestions, or input, we offer professional relationship counseling over the phone, Skype, and email.  

We'll be adding content as often as possible, so keep coming back to poke around, take stock, gain clarity, and make decisions you feel good about.

Here's to great relationships!

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